The world is my colouring book

When I was young I wanted to be a travel photographer for National Geographic magazine. I wanted to be one of those adventurers who would capture mind-blowing images in remote and undiscovered corners of the world. (yes the world has no corners… you smart-ass)

However I also discovered that I don’t like to be alone and photography is a lonely profession. And I realized I’m a ‘reluctant traveller’ and a hermit… that might seem paradoxical, but it is true nevertheless. I am just like you… complicated.

So I didn’t pursue this dream and did not become this travelling photographer… or so it seemed. (Dramatic pause)

What did I do? I started a company helping people be more creative and empathic in their problem solving. And as it turns out this job takes me right to these illusive corners… and it occurred to me that I was a idiot for not taking a camera and spend time documenting what I observed.

And lo and behold I started taking a camera (mostly a Sony A9 for obvious reasons.)

And what an amazing trip I am on… my work takes me to so many unexpected places, meeting so many unexpected people.

Serendipity rules! Seriously.

Now don’t get me wrong I still have a love/hate relationship with travelling. I am still that hermit that wants to be home, painting a bit, playing some piano and hanging with my family.

I am the reluctant traveller. I will say yes to a speaking engagement or project abroad while sighing and moping, not a pleasant attitude I’m sure. (Sorry colleagues and family. You suffer. I know).

Travelling will always cause me stress and create negative energy. I hate airports, airplanes and hotels. According to the travel industry I’m simply too tall to fit in their flying contraptions and beds. I also hate walking through cities alone and having breakfasts alone (yes I AM a hermit… it’s complicated) and I hate jetlags. So there…

However…. However, I never ever regret having been in a new country or city. The world is my wonderful colouring book and I’m colouring it in one country, one city, one person and one experience at a time.

I’m typing this while in Tallinn, Estonia. This part of the Baltic’s is now getting filled with images. I love Tallinn and I love the people. There is nothing more impactful than travelling. You learn about other cultures, but even more about your own. Returning is not same thing as staying.

And now I am a travelling photographer…. Awesome!